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Our Process

Let’s face it. Today’s audiences are bombarded with marketing messages thanks to all the connected technologies in use daily. These are challenging times. The winners are businesses who use the power of digital marketing to transform roadblocks, retire legacy marketing practices and transform their team into tomorrow’s company leaders. A digital marketing agency partner put you on track to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

In today’s increasingly competitive online space, the most successful businesses have outstanding stories. A story for our times; a story that supports your strategy.

Business Consultation

Free an hour business consultation with our expert team. Understanding your marketing, competitors, cost/finance, and time available/


Data Gathering & Analysis

It is crucial to evaluate the present website and social media marketing efforts. A detailed analysis not only gives us insights into your business, but it also directs our next steps to create a stronger strategy.


Audience & Competitor Research

Defining your target audience really contributes to setting the goals. Thorough competition research allows to assess the market and calculate the risks.


Strategy Development

Our team is excellent at developing a strategy that guarantees results. After market, competition, and business assessment we have a clear idea about resource and funds allocation, risks, and timeline.


Channel Planning

While there are several digital marketing channels, not all are meant for your business. This is where our industry professionals work their magic and present the options that will benefit your business the most.


Content Creation

Content is an investment that always pays off. We have invested in some of the most talented social media specialists and creative artists. They know the right questions to ask, and the places to look the answers for and they believe in detailed work.


Implementation, Evaluation & Optimization

NJ Digital Marketing implements campaigns and other marketing collaterals like a pro. We evaluate our efforts at every turn to make sure they are optimized and offer the most value to our clients for their dollars spent.

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